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The credo of the Floribama Riders is good wholesome clean fun, at a spirited pace. We are a non-profit organization organized in July 1995 to provide an outlet for sport-tourer enthusiasts. If you ride with your arms outstretched, if your body aches after several hours in the saddle, if you like to lean into your turns, or if you like to meet bugs up close and personal, this club is for you. We are now an established club with over 230 members, organized into four chapters:

  • Birmingham, AL (Vulcan Chapter)
  • Georgia (Matatoro Chapter)
  • Pensacola, FL (Coastal Chapter)
  • Tallahassee, FL (Fat Arse Chapter)

Memphis Blues, Bikes, and BBQ 2006 ride

Beale street magic... Blues and BBQ

After ruminating on my Belly with chin down in my easy chair, thought I would give a Bodacious update on our Killer "B" weekend.  Short version, bikes, BBQ, blues, Beale, Babes, and Bama.

Long version:

Bayou Boogie ride

The Crawdad crew... Silk, Shaggy, Rooster, Roadkill, BD, Bekay, Mully, Big Dan

I have a question... is it the ride, or the destination that makes one of these weekends so special?

Arkansas Rocks! - My TRTEAR 2008 experience

Ozark Waters

Even after getting a rash of crap from Ice-T about trailering instead of riding to the event, I arranged to share trailer space and fuel costs with Big Daddy and Rooster.  Of course the meet up point was in Vestavia so I still had to pack whatever I was taking onto the DR which means packing light, as I would have to ride from Montgomery.  Packing light is no problem for me because my Dad was an avid backpacker and I spent many weekends hauling whatever I needed on my back.  I was really confused when people talked about camping with tents as we had always slept in the open with maybe a space blanket lean-to if it was going to rain.

TRTEAR 2008 trip report

FBRs at the 2008 TRTEAR, with a random poodle

I'm still bushed after putting on more than 2,000 miles since Wednesday. Here we go!

Abandoned my original plan to leave Tuesday night, realizing, "Relax, you're on vacation."

Peformed maintenance on the VFR at a leisurely pace, rolled out of Atlanta around noon. Experienced that amazing feeling of departing for a long trip without any responsibilities other than to ride. Felt deja vu in Mississippi as I closed in on Tupelo and Memphis. Ah, Memphis.

Realized somewhere in Arkansas that I had not experienced a new landscape from the seat of a bike in quite a while. I had traveled recently to North Georgia, North Carolina and even northern Florida, but all those places feel kind of like my backyard. Arkansas was different. Even the cows looked different.

Stumbled into the cabin around midnight after getting lost and received a warm welcome. Yay, friendly faces!

MOTO GP or Bust - My Trip to Laguna Seca and Back 7/18 - 7/26, 2006

ILean at speed

By ILean
Hoover, Alabama


I flew out to the 2005 Moto GP races and rented a car to get around. I had a great experience and decided I would make this event a yearly must do. But cage driving was a total pain around Monterey, California because of major gridlock everywhere. With lane splitting in action I saw that riding a bike was the way to go. So from that time the seed was planted to ride my sport-touring bike, a 1991 Honda CBR1000F with over 44,000 miles on it, out to California. When I heard that LT Snyder, Greg Calhoun and others were going to ride from Alabama I hooked up with them. The plan was to ride with Calhoun and Scott Armstrong from Birmingham then meet up with LT and Brad Gaines somewhere in Colorado. Calhoun had arranged for us to stay at his friend's beach house in Monterey for free!

How to break in a bike

by Stuart Vernon

You've got two choiceswhen it comes to breaking in a bike: 1) break it in per the manual for guaranteed
best longevity, but maybe not best power, or 2) break it in the way all
the major factory race teams head tuners suggest, to get best power -
which should give just as good longevity, unless something gets hosed
during the break-in (*very* unusual - unless it's a GSX-R750 ScRApD), in
which case you'll know it soon and it should be covered under warranty.

I always use method 2, and my interpretation of that is:

    The How-To Section

    Looking for a first bike?

    Need some suggestions?

    Well I'm certainly glad you asked!

    I don't know everything about this but I do know a few things,
    and here they are:

    1. Never buy a red bike. Never EVER buy a used
      red bike.

    2. Since the bike must carry you for tens of thousands of
      miles horsepower is a prime consideration
      . To determine the
      necessary horsepower go stand on your bathroom scales and look
      at the small window on top of it. A number will appear there,