Floribama library

By IceT - Posted on 28 May 2008

How it works

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Book list

Leanings - Peter Egan (contact Ryan)

Motorcycle Owner's Manual - Hugo Wilson (contact Ryan)

Sportbiking: The Real World (The Advanced Rider's Handbook) - Gary Jaehne (contact Ryan)

MotoGP Technology - Neil Spalding (contact Ryan)

Engine Builder's Handbook - Tom Monroe (note that most of the book focuses on auto engines, though the principles are the same for bikes) (contact Ryan)

A Twist of the Wrist II - Keith Code (contact Ryan)
A Twist of the Wrist II - Keith Code (contact Tom)

Motorcycling Excellence , MSF Skills, Knowledge, and Strategies for Riding Right - MSF (contact Ryan)

Motorcycle Trackday Handbook - Kent Larson, Pat Hahn, Jason Bishop, and Max McAllister (contact Ryan)

Four Stroke Performance Tuning - A. Graham Bell (contact Ryan)

Highside - "K3" Chris Onwiller (contact Ryan)

Sportbike Performance Handbook - Kevin Cameron (contact Ryan)

Flaming Iguanas - Erica Lopez (contact IceT)

She's a Bad Motorcycle - compilation (contact IceT)