Duties of Floribama Riders officers

Duties of the President

  • Maintain the focus and direction of the club.
  • Ensure that all rides are conducted safely.
  • Be the contact person for the welfare of the club.

Duties of the Chapter VPs

  • Coordinate with the President in conducting activities and events.
  • Ensure that rides and events are conducted by the Ride Directors.
  • Work with the Membership Director to track membership, renewals and the general welfare of the chapter

Duties of the Ride Directors

  • Organize and conduct local rides - approx 1 each month. It is suggested that the weekend local ride meet times/places be standardized like the wed night get-togethers.
  • Coordinate with the Public Relations Director and the Webmaster for dissemination of such information as dates/times/place of local rides.
  • The Local Ride Director need not attend EVERY local ride, but he/she must ensure that a experienced rider leads each local ride and conducts a safety briefing.
  • Plan accomodations for out-of-town participants at each event.

Treasurer/Membership Director

  • Collect monies from sales of club merchandise, club dues, and any other income-generating activities.
  • Handle all membership mailings.
  • Maintain the club database.
  • Liason with the webmaster for posting of the database of club members on-line.
  • Handle all club receipts and disbursements.
  • Handle legal issues.

Public Relations Directors

  • Post flyers on club events at local dealerships.
  • Set up charity events (2 each year for each chapter)
  • Also responsible for making statements concerning club activities with the press.
  • Coordinate with the ride directors for charity activities.


  • Maintain the club web pages.
  • Coordinate with the Public Relations Director/Ride Directors for posting of events to the web site calenders.