The Half Century Tour, Part 3

By PColeman - Posted on 20 May 2008

Above Mojave

Once everyone is down, we ride along a relatively flat dirt road parallel to the face of the ridge. GT has bent his clutch lever, and wants a new one. When the route takes us near the highway, we give him directions to the KTM shop in Mojave, and to our campsite for the evening. We then followed the dirt road to the Jawbone store for a little break.


After the break, we rode the last few miles to camp through an ORV area, playing on some hill climbs. The last couple of miles were through a wide sand wash. I followed Roger through the wash until Bill passed us both, then it was on. I went around Roger and started working on catching Bill, basically as fast as the ATKs would go, which is pretty damn fast. My sand riding skills from growing up in lower Alabama came back, and we had a blast hauling across this sand wash.


We rolled into camp shortly after 5 PM. Some went back to the ORV for more riding, others, like me, decided to pace ourselves since we have 3 days of riding left. We are camped in Red Rock Canyon.


Around 6:30, Ge Ge put out some great appetizers to get us ready for dinner at 7, soup followed by grilled salmon, asparagus, and a cinnamon roll-like desert, along with another great wine, too. One of the other campers in Red Rock came over to take some pictures of us 'living like kings out in the desert', an apt description of what we are doing. A little BS around the campfire and we all passed out pretty early.

I got up in the middle of the night for a restroom visit, after the moon had set. Looking up, I remember the line Dave Bowman spoke in '2001: A. Space Odyssey' , “It's full of stars!”. What a beautiful night sky.