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Tabasco Run 2... Hot and Wet

Morning Mist

 Friday....  big blob of green on the radar.  Inner ear is toast.  The redhead looked at me and said, "uh uh baby, not gonna get my delicates all moist"....  hmmmm. Should I bail, or go?

Wellllll.....   Inner ear was the main thing, so I just over medicated and said, "screw it", I am jonesin' to ride.  When the Rooster calls, "kwackifoofoo" it's time to put rubber side down.

Indy MotoGP

Fast when wet... Valentino puts on a very wet show at Indy

Great weekend.... perhaps the most intense racing I have ever experienced. We sat through Ike as it rolled through and dumped several inches of rain with sustained winds of 70 mph. Not gusts, but flat out wind of 70. And they RACED in that. Holy cow. David Crandall and I had seats against the mesh fencing at the top of our section, completely exposed to the elements. Wet, wind whipped, and completely soaked, we enjoyed every minute of the action.

The TransAmerica Trail

Arkansas River Crossing TAT

So, how does one go about riding 2200 miles of dirt roads, trails, and gravel with the idea to put as much mileage under your butt as you can without any asphalt on a motorcycle?

Last summer, one of the FloribamaRiders club members posted a link to a website called the Adventure Rider site.  On this site, I was introduced to a couple of middle-aged guys named “Gaspipe” and “Big Dog”. I was hooked out of the box simply from the nicknames of these two characters.  Their write-up of their experiences on the TAT (Trans-America Trail) mesmerized me.  I think I started reading the treatise  about 8 pm and wound up finally tearing myself away from my computer at the crack of 2 am.  Wow. A Ride across America.  On dirt. With the idea of seeing America with bugs in your teeth and in a mode that 99% of our population will never get a chance to experience.

The Wife writes about the UK, Scotland, and Isle of Man

Sulby Straight... 200 mph....  too fast to photo. Almost too fast to see.

Trust me, there is bike stuff in here, but, her view on our trip to the 101st running of the Isle is worth the read.  Enjoy...

Per Bekay Calhoun:

Nascar vs Motorcycle racing

nascar fans.jpg

We are trying to wrap our collective heads around the news that Nascar is gonna "run" our US based professional racing series.. here is a response of mine to a club member regarding the two sports.

TRTEAR III... the route from 2002

TRTEAR 4.jpg

Here is the route for TRTEAR III.... whatta great time!


100th running of the Isle of Man

From left... BD, Martin, da Poet,Butch, Stu with the King of the Roads

“Never underestimate the power of an idea”

Marines are crazy. Good boys, but crazy in the best kind of way. Two of my best buddies on the planet are Marines. Guys that not only are Marines, but the types that fly fast machines and ride fast bikes. My kind of people, actually.

Last year, after a trackday by Sport TrackTime, Dutch Roell and Butch Nunnally were hangin’ at the casa having an adult beverage. We all knew that both of them were going to be redeployed back to the “Sandbox” as they call the theatre of operation Iraq. During our conversations about life in general, most of us motorhead types generally will see our discussions at one time or other cycle back to riding, riders, and places to ride. We reminisced about old times, good rides, and bikes we had. We talked about races and racers. We discussed places to go, and things to see… basically, it was a typical BS session that most guys partake of. During our discussions we talked about Nicky and Valentino, we talked about Mat and Ben, we talked about riders past and present, and finally we talked about Joey.

Song of the Sausage Creature!

900 SS.... Gosh, I have one of these too.... and yeah, everything he says, I agree with.

Sometimes, anarchy is just delicious. I happened to love this old fart till he offed himself. He and I were kindred spirits in oh so many ways... long live Hunter S!

Song of the Sausage Creature
by Hunter S. Thompson


Memphis Blues, Bikes, and BBQ 2006 ride

Beale street magic... Blues and BBQ

After ruminating on my Belly with chin down in my easy chair, thought I would give a Bodacious update on our Killer "B" weekend.  Short version, bikes, BBQ, blues, Beale, Babes, and Bama.

Long version: