Selena's first longish two-up day

By Namor - Posted on 29 June 2008

Under cloudy skies and the weather man's threat of gloom and thunderstorms, Selena and I set out for Mt. Cheeha aboard the borrowed Sprint Executive.  The idea behind this little trip was to get Selena used to a longer day on the road and to exercise BD's Triumph a bit.

The clouds shaded us throughout most of the trip but the threatened thunder storms never materialized.  I had planned on stopping at around 50 miles or so to make sure all was good, but our first stop was actually Ashland which was about 90 miles I think.  We stopped for gas and a pee break before getting into the twisties of 49 and 281.  By this time the stretch to the bars was taking its toll on me and my upper back was on fire but the twists and turns on the way up to Cheeha let me move around a bit more and the pain subsided some.

The Triumph shares a malady with my old Nighthawk in that the off to on throttle transistion is quite 'muddy' with some stumbling - not good in the twisties.  I suspect that both bikes just have dirty pilot jets and that the fix should be easy with some carb cleaner and maybe some time spent synching the carbs.  I had not noticed it much when riding solo but it was a bit distracting two up going uphill.  I was really concious of the bikes considerable weight when trying to come off of slow, uphill turns with the bike stumbling as I opened the throttle.

We are able to open it up coming up the hill and made it to the store with not much drama.  We ran into a guy up there on a Can-Am three wheeler and talked with him for a few minutes.  He said he liked the Can-Am a lot and that the driving experience is more like a doorless Miata than any sort of motorcycle but it was fun and different and a nice variety from his bikes.  I think the biggest appeal for him was the fact that you just don't see many of them on the road.

We came back down the the other side and home through Talladega and Sylagauga.  Selana faired better than I did as the bar to seat relationship had both my back and my ass hurting pretty bad on the way back.  She with a wide perch and a backrest was doing fine and when I stopped in Rockport to stretch my legs she asked me why we were stopping as she was still good to go and had expected no stops on the return.

All in all a good trip and I gained some useful intelligence.  I think I'm going to look for a big Bandit, big Strom, or a Tiger for two-up mount.  I've gotten use to the SUV seating position and Selena is happy as long as she has a wide seat and a backrest.  I think the Genmar risers that BD is planning to install along with resolution of the off to on thottle transition will make the Sprint a very nice two-up mount and I'll want to try it again post-modification.


Thanks for reading - Namor