Riding lessons

By Namor - Posted on 03 July 2008

Full speed, full lean the front tire finds a patch of loose gravel and starts to slide - without slowing at all, disaster is averted with a slight change of body position and a quick input to the bars.  I yell to the rider - "Slow down and look where you want to go" but she doesn't listen.  She just keeps pedaling as fast as she can - tiny legs pumping up and down in a blur while still looking just ahead.

Morgan - the youngest of those that call me Daddy - is fearless, unfazed, and hard headed.  She loves to go fast and has always been fascinated by motorcycles and the sketchy looking men that ride them.  I found out today that her favorite part of riding is to go through the turns fast and leaned over. 

I just bought her a new bike for her eighth birthday - the old one having shrunk in the wash or something and I think she has already used every bit of the tire on her purple Hannah Montana two wheeler.

I started to tell her how she could get air on the sidewalk cutout but Selena scowled with the promise of a chilly holiday weekend if I continued - that discussion will have to wait.

Maybe one day with bleeding knees and scuffed hands she'll ask my advice on riding technique but for now I'll just yell unsolicited advice and cut the fun short when things get out of hand.