Indy MotoGP Prep - Near Disaster

By Mulley - Posted on 08 September 2008

My (not so) funny story........

      It's Sunday night and I leave on Wednesday. I have been busy getting my bike prepped for the MotoGP trip where I'm moto-camping. The bike is a BMW K1200RS which is cumbersome (at best) to work on. After going two weeks without riding it, my garage looks like a BMW parts bin. I finally get everything sorted out and I'm ready to do a shake down ride. It's about 8:00 pm and I've got it loaded down with my camping gear and some extra weight in the Givi trunk to simulate clothing and shoes. The main reason for the ride is to adjust the headlights which just got new high output lamps and PIAA foglights that are also new. Also new tires will be scrubbed in. I know its dark not the best time for this but its better than leaving for the trip on new rubber. Also I've mounted a radar detector with helmet speakers.

     Enough of the background.

     I've read it a thousand times. Don't do major wrenching on your bike just before a big trip. Do it weeks in advance and ride it and give yourself plenty of time to fix your screw ups. Now I'm down to three days before departure and the bike hasn't moved. I've had premonitions that I won't be making this ride because of bike failure all week. My sixth sense almost comes to fruition.

     I push it out into the driveway fully geared up. The bike is probably 670lbs (40-50lbs over stock). I throw my leg over and I'm about to put the 2nd glove on when I can't find it. It's fallen off the tank into my lap. But I don't see it in the dark with my helmet on. I raise up a bit looking around. I guess I thought the kickstand was still down because now the bike begins to fall in extreme slow motion to the left. It's so slow I can remember getting multiple cuss words out before it gets all the way over. I'm pulling as hard as I can but there's no stopping this freight train. I was only able to lessen the impact slightly.

     I picked it up (still cussing) and immediately look at the oversized fairing. No damage.....that's weird. Then the proverbial snake bit me. The gear shifter is broke. %&^ of a #$%^, #*#$, #$%#. I knew it. I'm driving a dang cage to the MotoGP. The stupid cast aluminum shifter is broke. I come very close to throwing my helmet.

     But wait I can fix this, I'm handy right??? I crouch down for closer look. Maybe just maybe I can put it back together. The shifter pedal is screwed into the aluminum lever. Maybe I can... or I could...or JB weld? No, I've got it. KTM parts thats the ticket. I have a box of spare fasteners for my KTM. You see it's simple. I had stripped the threads in the tapped aluminum lever. I'll just get a longer bolt and go deeper. Awesome, my KTM dirt bike has the same bolt as I needed only longer. So I test fit the bolt, measure and cut with Dremel tool. Install and viola. Totally awesome feelings go tingling throughout. I've done it. Now, only 15 minutes later, I get to ride.

     New product reviews to follow. Include the new to market Dunlop Roadsmarts, Legal Speeding's clear weatherproof radar detector housing for Bel RX65 Pro, Aerostich helmet speakers, PIAA 1400X foglights, Phillips high output lamps, Aerostich 12V outlet, Autoswitch aux light contoller, Ortlieb duffel style dry bag. From the 45 minute shakedown ride, everything appears to be working. Thank goodness I didn't throw my helmet. See you at the races.


. . . On a side note: The Roadsmarts have a much more rounded profile giving it a more neutral and comfortable (to me) fall-in than the previous Michelin Pilot Roads (1st gen). More to come after a couple thousand miles. For the record I hate those tire reviews that are posted within 100 miles of installing a new tire. Of course its better its not worn out like the one it replaced.