Indy MotoGP

By Silverduck - Posted on 17 September 2008

Fast when wet... Valentino puts on a very wet show at Indy

Great weekend.... perhaps the most intense racing I have ever experienced. We sat through Ike as it rolled through and dumped several inches of rain with sustained winds of 70 mph. Not gusts, but flat out wind of 70. And they RACED in that. Holy cow. David Crandall and I had seats against the mesh fencing at the top of our section, completely exposed to the elements. Wet, wind whipped, and completely soaked, we enjoyed every minute of the action.

The 90,000 plus fans in attendance seemed to all have good attitudes through the VERY inclement weather. The folks in our section all were laughing and having a good time as we all knew we were in the middle of something fairly unique. Valentino made the comment on Soup that he could see cans and bottles flying across the track in front of him. The safety fences were blown straight up over the walls, and the giant Yamaha tent did an el-foldo in the maelstrom. Nicky chose super soft rains and that put him in front, but as the eye passed over us, the track started to dry. That ate up his softy compound and when the final 3rd of the race went on, he had nada left when the deluge hit us as the eye passed. That allowed Val to catch him and basically say, "bye-bye".

Whether or not you are a Nicky fan, he continues to impress me with his riding ability (with a broken heel bone) and his composure at this level. Honda basically built a spec bike for their "Wunderkind" , the super munchkin, which left Nicky holding the old shitbag. It will be fun to watch him on a Duck next year, stickin it to Honda. I wonder if the el presidente of Honda from Japan will have second thoughts on his sucking up to the little Spaniard. I wonder what the reaction was in Hondaland when Peanut was very soundly boo-ed by the motorcycle savvy crowd. (Ummm, btw,I am NOT a Pedrosa fan)

From a fan's perspective, the track experience does not get any better than Indy. Great facility, great support, plenty of potties, plenty of food, and easy access to all parts of the track. It was evident that these guys do this for a living several times a year. The gap between the Laguna experience and Indy is like the gap between the Indianapolis fairgrounds and the Barber track. No comparison.

Our compound of the rental RV was maybe 50 feet from the track. It was the singular best racing experience I have ever had in my 30 plus years of watching NASCAR, Indy car, MotoGP, AMA, NHRA, Outlaws, and everything in between. Easy in, easy out, all walking, and we were able to go back to the trailer between races or qualifying heats. No, I won't tell ya where we stayed, cuz we are going there again next year!!!!

Great time had with Mully, Rooster, I-lean, and DC. Fun group of guys and we really each had our little moment "in the sun" of special Indy antics. It was good to see FBR from Bham and Hotlanta at different times during the weekend. I figured there were close to 30 of us out there. Next year, do the doo, and go to Indy. I am almost glad we didn't get the GP in Bham at Barber. The guys up north really busted ass and had the infrastructure to support a big time event.