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Tour of Tater: Milk Shake and a Nap by the River

Mark, Scott, Stan & Ice T

Funny conversation with a credit card representative in the Fraud Early Warning department.

Rep: "Thank you for notifying us of your travels, sir. That explains the discrepancies. Are you enjoying your trip?"

Me: "Hell yeah, I'm enjoying my trip. I'm riding dirt bikes all over Idaho and spending like crazy with my credit card!"


The last two days have produced some perfect rides. I have hooked up with some pretty regular riding partners in Mark, Scott and Stan, and we have arrived at the consensus that we can deviate from the standard, very aggressive route without feeling any sense of regret. Stan's son, Ryan, laid out the routes to provide a variety of off-road terrain and a good workout each day. The rides seem average around 200 miles on dirt roads, which is quite a distance when you do it day after day for eight days.

Day 10: Anaconda, MT to Salmon, ID (180 miles)

Tour of Tater: Dirt bike ballet

Day 7: Challis, ID to Elk City, ID (318 miles)
I woke up early with Greg and headed out to my DR650 that had caused so much trouble the night before. The combination of the self-threading oil plug and the blue RTV silocone seemed to be holding. The motor still leaked oil, but the level seemed to be holding. I went over the bike with my ratchet, tightening every bolt I could reach. I especially tried tightening the banjo bolt on an oil return line in the hopes of stemming the ecological disaster that emmanated from the motor, but that did not work. Oil still seeped out of the motor, attracting dust until the result looked like mud.

Mark, Stan, Scott and I had agreed to ride together the night before. Mark showed concern about the mileage, and he wanted to leave at 8 or even 7 AM. I liked the concept of 8, but Stan wanted to leave at 9. We compromised on 8:30, and Mark shook each of our hands, looked in our eyes and said, "I'll see you tomorrow, ready to roll at 8:30."

Tour of Tater: Riding with pronghorns

I'm hanging out with the Flomax gang again, and today, we took a break from motorcycling to go fly fishing. Actually, Bob, Greg and Lloyd are doing the fishing, and I'm sitting with a rock as a backrest, writing this dispatch.

I just told Lloyd a really sweet story about how my Uncle Jim took me fishing when I was 11 years old. We spent half a day on the Esopus River in New York's Hudson Valley. On the way out, Uncle Jim had to carry me on his back to get us across a deep spot in the water. I noticed a dollar bill trapped underneath a rock, waving in the current, and I asked my uncle to stoop over and pick it up. It was a little bit of an ordeal, considering the fishing gear and the kid on his back, but he did it. I still have that dollar to this day. Lloyd's response? "And you're still tight with a buck."

Tour of Tater: Adventures with the Flomax Crew

Lloyd, Bob & B.D. in WyomingDay 2: Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska (700 miles)

The first night, I roomed with Dan, and the three elder statesmen of the group slept in the next room. Evidently, B.D. snores heavily, but Dan put in a solid effort as well. With all the sleep I got in the car, I stayed up for a few hours to wrap up an issue for work. We left Cape Girardeau around 8:30 and drove a long, 700 mile day through Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska.

Day 3: Nebraska, wrong turn into Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho (700 miles)

Tour of Tater: The Launch!

Trailer collapses on our first dayDay 1: Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri (400 miles)

I woke up at 5 AM, knowing I had to be on the road at 9. The gang was meeting at the Nelson Building around noon Central Time, and the ride took 3 hours, and I did not want to be late. For a few weeks, I had known I had four important tasks to complete before the DR650 would be ready for a 1,600 mile tour on remote dirt trails through Idaho and Montana.

To-Do List for Tour of the Tater 2010

I need to keep track of what I'll take on the Tour of the Tater 2010, a 1,600 mile dirt ride through Idaho.

2010 TRTEAR Ride Report

TRTEAR 2010 - Lynn's Diner


Here's a quick ride report from my 2010 TRTEAR (The Ride To End All Rides).


  • Show up at Jeff A.'s house
  • Greet Sarah and Steve H., marvel at how big Rachel has grown
  • GA-400 North
  • Go straight at the end of 400, and you can run down some pretty roads and pass the Frogtown Cellars Vineyard on the left
  • Left, right, left, repeat
  • Lunch at the yummy Tellico Grains bakery on the old town square in Tellico Plains
  • Check out the great motorcycle outfitter in Tellico Plains
  • Yummy mint chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone in Tellico Plains
  • Have I mentioned you should visit Tellico Plains?
  • Stop at Watts Bar Dam to recover from food coma
  • Learn about physics of nuclear cooling towers, courtesy of Steve H.
  • Left, right, left, right, repeat
  • Arrive at Pickett State Park at 5-ish PM
  • Take a nap on the back porch, enjoying the beautiful weather